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The client after the "Hello" is the set samples from which to choose, examples of projects for any cost that is ready for sale, links to already done jobs, promotional sites at a discount. The creation and promotion of sites. To order a website. But before watching portfolio the web designer is to determine, at least in the best: how need?

Website for you

The online store

Available in online, you can find website builder, and independently step by step to create a page. It is suitable for free project, of expression, of creativity. The website his own hands, hosted on free hosting and full advertising chosen by the owner of this hosting, spoils the reputation of the company. Successful person is better to turn to professionals. If the goal is selling goods online, it will be onlinestore. Website creation with his own hands. Its content includes: catalog with photographs, prices and detailed product descriptions, order forms, information on the payment system, delivery, warranty, contact seller. Performance products it is advisable to compare and better test reviews in each category. Online shopping more difficult to develop because of the financial transactions, calculations and security information of the buyer. A subspecies of this type of website is an Internet showcase: buying it not commit!

The site

If the company wants only show it self, that can handle the website. Task "cards" — attract attention. This project is a cheap runs quick, only a couple HTML pages with text, illustrations and backgrounds, reflecting the signature style, contacts and list of services. The creation and promotion of sites. Site navigation must be simple, intuitive. Small and medium business eating often business cards flyers. Big companies prefer your corporate website or portal.

The promotional

An advertising platform, promoting the goods and services. Structure easy, but saturated animation, the illustrations, all vying for your attention. Site to order price. And the price of creating a promo-site comprises mainly price of the services of a good designer, artist: registration — main the task.

The corporate website

Complex, full-bodied web resource with an extensive system of navigation. This full representation of the company external world: the Internet. Update the information on it, downloading the articles engaged employee company after the website has been ordered and tested. Corporate website can sell products, as the online store, to advertise company as a promotional platform and have a separate page-card. Development of web sites. Forms for online-connection with users, elaborate registration scheme, even accounting accounting is bound to this resource. Other advertising this is missing, just like the article with the plagiarism. Corporate site — a complex, elaborate, costly project, the reputation of the company.

The information

Information combined common theme. The content of this website must be regularly updated, fresh, unique. Here are articles, research, opinions, surveys, even contests, if that is the issue. Plenty of banner advertising fast promoted website.

The landing page (landing)

Bright single page, informing client about a service or product, promotions, short-term offer. Development website promotion. In fact, flyer, online, with integrated countdown time warning about the imminent end of the action, for example. Page inexpensive, flashy, fast. You can go directly to order own unique an effective website.

  1. Choose the type of website to offer the list and fill in the online form
  2. Each field must be entered, including a telephone
  3. Pay came email account
  4. Your site is ready!
Your website

How to order a site?

Website web studio with enough information, leave a request online and you will be contacted by officer. If you represent any company, the pre - reply to the questions about the logo, corporate style, the budget for site creation, etc. Designers work for full or partial prepayment on pre-order and the layout takes a couple of days. Cheap website to order. Web Studio connects approved by you design to the site that offers domain and hosting, fills website content, locates the site on the Internet and registers it in the search engines. In a final cost is install the counter! The performance of the site "turnkey" means that it will be fully operational and will be able to bring money for you!

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